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A Guide For Choosing The Right Fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace for your room can be more difficult than you expect. 

There are so many types of fires, fireplaces and stoves combined with varying styles and trends of the time. Also, the type of fuel to use, whether to burn solid fuel, gas or electric.

One of the most important factors is how much heat you need from your fire. For example, if you live in an older type of traditional property with solid walls, single glazing and a suspended wooden floor, you might want to consider a multi fuel stove that will keep most rooms nice and warm.

If you live in a more modern property with cavity wall insulation, double glazing and an insulated floor, a multi fuel stove may give you be too much heat and could make the room uncomfortable to sit in.

You will want your new fireplace to be in keeping with your style of decoration and furniture,
whether that is modern, contemporary, traditional or vintage. You will want your fireplace to fit
nicely into your room and be able to sit and relax with your family and be proud to entertain and
chill out with your friends and family.

We all have different requirements from the fireplace area and you will want to find something that suits your personal taste. Quite often we keep to the traditional period and style of the house to compliment that period, but, just as popular nowadays is to shake things up a little and to have an eclectic mix of styles.

Whether you have a chimney is also an important factor, this will determine if you can burn solid fuel or gas. Most traditional period properties built before 1960 will have a chimney. After this time some houses were still built with chimneys but many had a flue built into the blockwork of the house which is only suitable to burn gas. Also, with modern properties there is an option of a balanced flue gas fire if there is a live gas supply. This type of gas fire does works in a similar way to a combi gas boiler where the gas fumes go directly out of the back of the fire through the wall of the house and vent into open space.

More recently some newbuild properties are so well insulated they don’t have a chimney or a flue, so the option in this case would be an electric fire, or the most popular choice for newbuild
properties is a media wall fire with the TV recess and soundbar slot built into the media wall.
If you can consider some of the above information you can make choosing the right fireplace easier.

At Midlands Fireplaces and Fitting Ltd. We can guide you through the above process with help and advice on the practicalities of your choice. We also offer a site survey to make sure that your chosen fire or fireplace will fit. We can also install your fireplace for you if required. See our fireplace fitting service for more information.