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Benefits of a Media Wall Fireplace

Benefits of a Media Wall Fireplace

A media wall is a modern fireplace commonly built with a tv above the fire. 

Over the last few years media walls have grown in popularity.

Many homeowners prefer to mount their flat screen television on the wall above a stylish fireplace. 

At Midlands Fires and Fitting we can be your trusted supplier when it comes to designing and installing your media wall, along with our experienced fitters we will ensure that your perfect media build will be something that catches everyone’s attention.  Media walls are a great centrepiece to any room and can be built to your own design and specification and will become the main focal point in any situation.

Our showroom has a number of media wall fire displays, and our staff will be happy to guide you through the process of choosing the right products for you.

Our fitting team are prepared to make a free site survey to help you make the right decision and advise on product and design of the build.

What are the benefits of having a Media wall?

  • Electric fires do not require a chimney.
  • With a false wall display you can add lights and shelves so it has plenty of scope for storage of internet and sky boxes, games, consoles etc.
  • Some newbuild houses do not have a chimney so they can lack a focal point so the custom-built media wall fireplace can bring that focal point back.
  • A false chimney breast can be made to size; therefore, any custom wall can be built to your design and needs.
  • When it comes to keeping your cables tidy, the media wall will hide them behind the wall so that your left with a nice clean look.
  • You can finish the surface of the wall with any type of decoration from special plaster finishes, special paint finishes, tiles, decorative wall boards, wallpaper and paint.

Additional information:

If this is something that you are looking for, please see our range of Media Wall Fires and contact us today.