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With over 20 years experience, Midlands Fireplaces & Fitting Ltd can repair, restore and clean many types of fireplaces, old and new. Whether your fireplace is an antique or a newer style fireplace, our talented restorers take the care needed to transform your fireplace back to it's former glory. Based in Leicester, Leicestershire, we operate within a 50 mile radius of our showroom.

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Fireplace Restoration Service

At Midlands Fireplaces & Fitting Ltd, we are experienced with all periods and styles including marble, stone, cast iron and wood.

Depending on the work required, we can restore your fireplace at your home without it having to be removed.

We can also remove and transport your fireplace to our workshop if required. We cover all aspect of the work required including any welding or sand blasting needed. We are also able to replace any required parts of your fireplace. Any products and materials we use are tried and tested and are safe.

What do we need?

All we need is for you to send us an email at with a description, images of the condition of the fireplace and the work required. Please include as many details as possible and we'll get back to you with a quote. Alternatively give us a call on 0116 276 9491 

Local Service

Our fireplace restoration service is offered throughout the midlands, usually within a 50 mile radius of our showroom in Leicester, Leicestershire. 

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What Happens Now?

We usually respond to all emails within 24 hours but please note that our opening times are Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Our restoration team will review the images and description and get back to you with a quotation. If you would like to provide more infomormation or send more photos please reply to the confirmation email that has just been sent to you. We may also need to call you to discuss more details with you.

If you did not fill in the Location field, please let us know your location as delivery and pick up costs can very depending on where you live.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on 0116 276 9491


Can soot be cleaned off of my fireplace?

Removal of soot is dependent on the how deep the soot has penetrated the material. We do carry products and chemicals that help remove soot. This is always carried out on a best efforts basis.

My fireplace is considered to be of a vintage, can you restore it sympathetically to its age?

Yes, we have removed and restored many period/vintage fireplaces and are used to the issues that arise. Any points of interest, special requirements, parts or issues will be pointed out and explained prior to any work being undertaken.

Can you repair chips in my fireplace?

Yes, we do have a range of fillers that can fill the chips and cracks?

Can my fireplace be restored in situ?

Yes, your fireplace can be restored in situ, although it is best to do this prior to redecorating as the products and hand machines used can mark the wall coverings.

Do you use any chemicals during the process of restoration?

Yes, some chemicals are required along with many other products. Some do have a strong smell but that is usually the polishes and fillers. All chemicals and products use are tried and tested and are safe.

Will there be noisy machinery used in my house and will it be a dirty dusty process? 

There will be some hand machinery used, for example drills, grinders, rotary polishers and mechanical masonry chisels if we need to remove a fireplace. We will leave the fireplace area clean and tidy. Again if restored In situ you may need to re decorate the chimney breast.

Is there any risk of damage to my fireplace if it is removed?

Our restorers are very experienced and will be as careful as possible so as not to add extra work. Any possibility of damage would be discussed prior to any works. For example invisible  hairline cracks in marble/stone and completely rusted disintegrating cast iron although both can be repaired.

How long will the process take?

Time is variable because all fireplaces are in different states of repair and this is also dependent upon the size, amount of products used and drying time. Travel and travel time is also a factor.

How much will it cost?

Cost is dependent on size, condition, parts required, time and distance. It is always more expensive to remove and re-fit a fireplace but this does make for a better result as all pieces and components can be individually cleaned, filled and polished and interior cast iron can be industrially stripped which is too much of a dirty process to be carried out in situ. Please use our Contact form and we will provide an estimate. 

Does my fireplace need be removed to restore it?

In some cases yes. If the restoration work involves stripping and respraying then there is no other option.

We can arrange this which does add to the cost. Or you can arrange delivery and collection yourself.