Strelly Hall Restoration Project

Strelly Hall Restoration Project

A challenging Cast Iron Fireplace Restoration job at Strelley Hall Business Centre.

This delaminated fireplace was situated in the Castle room at Strelley Hall. An attractive period building in the village of Strelley in Nottimgham. 


It was originally made from a local stone with fossilised features within the stone. The main material was very dull and nothing we could do would bring it back to life. Some pieces of the fireplace had been replaced over the last couple of hundred years or so and we not in keeping with the style or overall appearance of the fireplace.

The decision was made to make all of the necessary repairs and unify the whole fireplace by spraying it with a heat resistant satin black fireplace paint but keeping the two original painted terracotta tablets at the top of the legs. A good decision by the management of the hall.

The cast iron hob grate interior needed a completely new firebox and grate as this had disintegrated with the heat over time. Everything was stripped back to the bare bones, rebuilt, re enforced and re finished.


The stone side cheeks above the hob grate were removed and reused, just re sprayed after fitting.
The overall appearance after installation was very impressive, all unified in satin black and the original terracotta tablets just gave the fireplace an extra lift.

A very satisfied customer that will now be able to use the Castle room for meetings as intended and the newly restored, working fireplace will be the fantastic original focal point as it was meant to be.

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